If you’re getting married, you’re probably considering getting wedding favours to give to your guests at the reception. Instead of just buying trinkets, why not make a donation to a charity and have them create the personalised favour cards? On the cards it will usually note that a donation to charity has been made on the guest’s behalf, which is a great way to help a charity on your special wedding day.

One of the most well-known charities in the UK is Cancer Research UK (formerly the Imperial Cancer Research Fund who merged with the Cancer Research Campaign in 2002), who are the world’s largest independent cancer research charity. You can have Cancer Research UK create your wedding favours by visiting their website, which makes it super-easy to set up. You can choose to have the personalised wedding cards, a pin badge, or both. The recommended donation for the wedding favours is £2 per guest for the cards, or £2.50 for the cards and the badge.

Personalising The Cards

Card with pin badge

Card with pin badge

You can add up to three lines to your favour cards, in addition to the message which reads, “A donation has been made to Cancer Research UK to celebrate”.

The recommendation for the first line is, “the marriage of”, for the second line is the names of the bride and groom, “David and Mary”, and the last line is for the date, “18th May 2012″.

Printing The Cards

After the personalisation, you can choose to download a PDF of your wedding cards, to print at your chosen printers, or you can have Cancer Research UK print them and send them to you, but please allow 28 days for delivery.

Selecting The Pin Badges

Blue swallow pin badge

Blue swallow pin badge

If you opt for a pin badge for your wedding guests, there are seven designs to choose from, one of which is a limited edition and two are exclusive to the wedding favours of Cancer Research UK. The “vintage-inspired” blue swallow, shown left, is the elegant limited edition pin badge created by wedding dress designer Jenny Packham. Jenny also designed the two exclusive badges… a shooting star and a silver swallow.

All you need to do is select the pin badge you desire for your guests and input the number of them you need.

Here’s the full selection of pin badges to choose from…

Pin Badges

Pin Badges

Gift Aid It!

Don’t forget, when ordering your favour cards and pin badges, if you’re a UK taxpayer, you can Gift Aid your donation and enable the charity to reclaim at least 25% tax paid. Using Gift Aid makes your charitable giving more valuable to the charity and is highly recommended.


Some people are a little concerned that charitable giving on behalf of others can seem like you’re “imposing” your donation, or choice of charity, on them. Additionally, the choice of a cancer charity may seem a little “morbid” at a wedding celebration. However, it’s important to remember that this is your wedding day, and your chosen guests. It’s highly unlikely that anyone attending an event to celebrate your marriage will take offense that you’ve chosen to donate to charity!

Very few people are lucky enough to have a family untouched by cancer, and by donating to Cancer Research you’ll be honouring the memories of people who’ve lost relatives. It’s like looking back in rememberance as you also look forward to your future married life.

When you look at the alternative, the traditional wedding favours such as sugared almonds, chocolates, picture frames, scrolls, candles, soap or keepsakes, it’s likely your guests will appreciate the thought that goes into a charitable donation instead, especially if you select the pin badges, which are a small gift for each guest to keep and remember the event by.

Of course, as it’s your wedding, there’s nothing to stop you from making the charitable donation, putting the cards and badges on the table, and adding your own special wedding favour gifts too. It’s totally up to you!